Eminem, Calling It Quits?

Is this the real deal or just another "I'm quitting" publicity stunt? Friends of rapper Eminem (real name: Marshall Mathers) say he plans to perform his last show as a solo artist Sept. 17 in Dublin, the Detroit Free Press reported yesterday.

Sources close to Jay-Z -- oops! we meant "Eminem" -- said his latest album, "Encore," would probably be his last as a rapper and that he wants to become a full-time record producer. Detroit producer Jeff Bass said there could be other solo albums from Mathers, but "the Eminem part of his career isn't going to be at the forefront anymore."

Interscope Records spokesman Dennis Dennehy told The Post: " 'Encore' is definitely. . . the close of the first chapter of his career. Beyond that, I can't make any speculation."

The album's cover photo features Mathers, 32, taking a bow. A final bow? We'll believe it when we see it.

A Love Built to Last

Guinness World Records has made it official: The world's oldest married couple is Philadelphia's Herbert and Magda Brown. He's a survivor of Dachau concentration camp and 105 years old; she's 100. Their aggregate age is 205 years and 293 days. (Other couples have been married longer than the Browns' 74-year union, and some individuals are older.)

An English couple, Percy and Florence Arrowsmith, also 105 and 100 respectively, were first named by Guinness on June 1. But the Browns were able to prove that they beat the other couple by a few days. On June 13, Percy Arrowsmith died.

"It's unbelievable that we're the longest-married couple in the world," Magda Brown told Reuters yesterday at the couple's home in an assisted-living facility.

Asked to explain the longevity of her marriage when many marriages end in divorce, she said the trick was that she would lead and her husband would follow: "He is very easygoing. I am the strong one."

Not Ready to Cash In His Chips

Severn accountant Steve Dannenmann made it to the final table at the World Series of Poker in Las Vegas and guaranteed himself at least $1.75 million.

Early this morning, Dannenmann, 38, ranked fourth among the final five players, with 6.6 million chips. The leader, Andrew Black of Dublin, had 21.8 million. The winner will collect $7.5 million.

Johnny Howard, of Lexington Park, Md., the other area player still in the running Thursday, finished 17th, winning $350,000.

Thursday night "went well," Dannenmann told The Post's Peter Carlson yesterday. "I had one bad hand and lost a lot of chips, but I hung in and won 'em back."

In that nerve-racking hand, Black bet 300,000 chips and Dannenmann raised him a million. Black responded by playing all his chips -- about 2 million. Dannenmann called Black's bet only to see his pair of 10s bested by Black's pair of jacks.

Poker fans can watch all this action on TV -- but not for a while. ESPN begins televising the early rounds of the World Series July 19, with the championship round scheduled to air on Nov. 15.

End Notes

* Remember the policeman in the Village People? Busted. Victor Edward Willis, lead singer in the exuberant disco group, was arrested by police -- real ones -- after they said they found crack cocaine and a pistol in his car in Daly City, Calif., the San Francisco Chronicle reported. Willis co-wrote "YMCA."

* Metro station bathrooms in the Washington area are on lockdown after the London terrorist attacks -- and riders who need to use them aren't pleased. The bathrooms, Metro spokeswoman Taryn McNeil said yesterday, can be closed for up to 30 days after the terrorist threat level is raised to orange, as occurred after the bombings. But Metro rider David L. Levy protests: "The terrorists didn't blow up the bathrooms in London. Some people need to use them." Remember: Public urination is illegal in the city (the fine is $50).

-- Compiled by Korin Miller

from staff and wire reports

Herbert and Magda Brown, the world's oldest married couple.Steve Dannenmann of Severn reached the finals at the World Series of Poker.