1034 days sober in a row

1,034 mornings I know what happened the night


waking up in bed and not on the bathmat

1,034 steps closer to the person I am supposed to be

1,034 chances to be grateful

1,034 prayers after I open my eyes and

before I put my feet on the floor.

Amina Hafiz Washington

"So what you gonna do?"

"I'm attending New York Film Institute in the fall to learn the art of directing."

Truthfully, I should go for screenwriting because that's my scripted answer for everyone. The second college students move their tassel to the left, people expect them to be on the right track. They don't want the truth, just something to tell co-workers and friends.

I'm tired of it. I got a new answer. It's bold, truthful, and human. "Right now, I'm planning."

Collins J. Harris IV


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