* The debut of "Miami Ink" on TLC.

* Orioles vs. Twins on CSN.

* And "American Shark" on Discovery Channel.

Local Public Affairs

NewsTalk With Bruce DePuyt. Maryland Gov. Robert Ehrlich discusses the intercounty connector highway , the movement of military jobs to Maryland and his use of a segregated country club for a fundraiser (NewsChannel 8 at 4).


Baseball. Colorado at Washington (RCN Channel 8 and DirecTV Channel 626 at 7); Baltimore at Minnesota (CSN at 8).

WNBA Basketball. Sacramento at Houston (ESPN2 at 8).

Public Broadcasting

Wide Angle: Cedar Revolution previews the elections in Lebanon (Channel 26 at 10; Channel 22, 10:30).

P.O.V.: The Brooklyn Connection reports on how one man used U.S. gun laws to supply a guerrilla army in Kosovo (Channel 26 at 11).

Cable Series

Shark Week programming continues with the one-hour American Shark, a guide to what kinds of sharks hang out along the U.S. coast (Discovery Channel at 9).

Rescue Me. With a tip from his oldest daughter, Tommy has a chance to find his kids and get them back to New York (FX at 10).

Extreme Dodgeball returns for a third season with the winners at season's end walking off with $170,000 (GSN at 10).

Miami Ink profiles four colorful tattoo artists working their craft in a South Beach shop and follows as they raise hell after hours (TLC at 10).


Average Joe: The Joes Strike Back. The Joes and the jocks compete in a heated roller derby match (Channel 4 at 8).

I Want to Be a Hilton. While boxer Lennox Lewis whips the contestants into shape, Kathy Hilton suffers a breakdown during the elimination ceremony (Channel 4 at 9).

Big Brother 6. More Orwellian intrigue (Channel 9 at 9).

Empire. A vestal virgin saves Octavius after he is bitten by a poisonous snake (Channel 7 at 10).

Late Night

The Tonight Show With Jay Leno. With Diane Lane, Len Berman and music by Babyface (Channel 4, 11:35).

Late Show With David Letterman. With Greg Kinnear and Julie Chen (Channel 9, 11:35).

-- John Maynard

The TV Column will return.

Tats entertainment: South Beach tattoo artist Darren Brass helps Chris Nunez shave his arms on TLC's "Miami Ink."