The package Shane and Portia delivered for their mom held a ticking clock. The sight of the clock alarmed Mr. Blair, who vanished shortly after opening the package. Then Shane and his sister fell through the floor into Mr. B's cellar. To read the story so far, go to and click on "Summer Book Club." This week, more than 45 readers entered.

Hearing only the ticking of the clock, Portia explored the dark cellar. Her foot hit something hard -- a flashlight! Turning it on, she saw "S H A N E" written on the wall. Then she saw Shane's lucky penny and handkerchief lying on the floor not far from Mr. Blair, Shane and . . . MOM???!

-- Chana Devora Levine, 9, Silver Spring

There are two weeks left to wrap up the KidsPost reader-written mystery. Why is Shane's name on the wall? What's Mom doing in Mr. Blair's basement? And what's up with the clock? We'll publish the seventh installment next Wednesday. What happens next is up to you!

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