Film director David Lynch wants to raise $7 billion to bring about world peace through a massive Transcendental Meditation program.

Lynch, 59, known for quirky, avant-garde works like "Mulholland Dr." and the "Twin Peaks" television series, is launching a foundation to fund TM programs in schools across America, and ultimately the world. The David Lynch Foundation for Consciousness-based Education and World Peace also would support research on TM's effects on academic performance, anxiety, depression and drug abuse.

"I would like to find some very wealthy individuals who saw the truth of this and said, 'I want to do something for the world which is meaningful,' " he said in an interview yesterday. "This is a way to bring real peace to Earth. Real peace isn't just the absence of war. It is the absence of negativity."

Lynch said he had been practicing Transcendental Meditation, a program founded by Maharishi Maresh Yogi, for more than 30 years and had seen the benefits in some schools in Maryland, Iowa and South Africa.

"You can say I'm full of baloney, but you meet students who get this opportunity and they shine like you cannot believe," Lynch said.

Director David Lynch: "This is a way to bring real peace to Earth."