Mom Puts In a Good Word

When all else fails, call in Mom. President Bush touted his "senior security" package yesterday alongside none other than his vocal mother, former first lady Barbara Bush.

During a visit to the Wesley Woods Center for assisted living in Atlanta, the twosome exchanged playful banter in between plugs for the president's Social Security overhaul and a new Medicare prescription drug benefit. Bush referred to his mother as his "favorite senior citizen" (we're sure he likes you, too, George H.W.), to which she joked: "I have to be. I've got an almost-60-year-old son."

When the prez became long-winded describing how his plan would benefit seniors, his mother piped up, saying, "It saves them money." Her son laughed and said, "See? That's why she's here -- to remind me of what to say." Mrs. Bush, 80, also pointed out to the crowd that her son's hair is turning white. His response: "You can see where I got my white hair from."

After the speech, the Bushes stepped into the crowd to shake hands. "You go that way," she commanded, pointing to the right. Her son obeyed and said, "She's still telling me what to do." The president's Supreme Court nominee, John G. Roberts, seems to have an outspoken mom, too. Rosemary Roberts, 76, joined her family in a news conference Thursday to say that Catholicism is a huge part of her son's life.

Boys, aren't you a little old to have your moms talk for you?

Steaking Out the Donald

Who cares about catching a flight when you've got a thing for french fries?

Donald Trump and his wife, Melania, stopped by Capitol Hill's Charlie Palmer steakhouse on Thursday for a quick, early dinner before heading to New York.

Executive Chef Bryan Voltaggio said the couple went fairly unnoticed by other patrons while they dined at a secluded table by the window (he ate a well-done rib-eye steak with fries; she opted for the roasted salmon).

Apparently they weren't in too much of a hurry: The Donald liked the fries so much, he ordered another round (and asparagus for his wife, the model). Despite the last-minute courses, the Trumps made it in and out in 45 minutes.

Now for the most important dish -- his hair: "It looked good," Voltaggio said with a laugh. "My wife asked me about that, too. It looked like it was moving." Hmm. He must have a new hairdresser.

Earlier in the day, Trump spoke before the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs subcommittee, pleading for a contract to renovate the United Nations headquarters.

Polanski Wins Libel Suit

Director Roman Polanski won his unconventional libel case against Vanity Fair yesterday.

Polanski, 71, was awarded nearly $87,000 in damages over a July 2002 article that alleged he tried to seduce a woman in New York on his way to the funeral of murdered wife Sharon Tate in Los Angeles in 1969. Vanity Fair conceded that the article had the timing wrong but maintained the bottom line of the article was correct.

During the trial, Polanski testified from France via video to avoid extradition to the United States. (He pleaded guilty in 1978 to having sex with a 13-year-old girl, but then fled the country.) The Vanity Fair defense painted him as a "fugitive from morality" with "no reputation left to defend."

After the verdict, the director released a statement that said, "It goes without saying that, whilst the whole episode is a sad one, I am obviously pleased with the jury's verdict today."

-- Compiled by Korin Miller

from staff and wire reports

First mom Barbara reminds President Bush who's boss.Roman Polanski is $87,000 richer.Donald Trump, eating on the run.