Hey, Mother Nature:

Just Chill Out, Okay?

* Baby, it's hot outside -- everywhere outside.

Today's forecast for the Washington area calls for temperatures in the high 90s, with high humidity. All of that will make you feel like it's more than 100 degrees.

But Washingtonians shouldn't look for sympathy from friends in Illinois or California or Florida. Temperatures there have been broiling, too.

In Chicago, Illinois, on Sunday, it was 104 degrees, just short of the all-time hottest temperature in the Windy City. (It hit 105 in Chicago on July 24, 1934.)

But even Chicagoans have nothing on people out west. Last week, it was 117 degrees in Las Vegas, Nevada. In Death Valley, California, the temperature reached 129!

People in Florida were dealing with incredible heat and tropical storms that were cranking up the humidity, too.

Now, knowing that people in other parts of the country are coping with even more miserable heat probably doesn't make you feel any cooler. There's one thing that can do that: jumping in a swimming pool.

Chris Smith, 10, sprays himself with water in Ohio.Sassy the black bear munches on frozen fruit at a zoo in Illinois.