If Janet Cardiff's new interactive, binaural sound art, commissioned by the Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden, is half as impressive as "The Paradise Institute," a sound-and-video installation she and husband George Bures Miller debuted at the 47th Corcoran Biennial in 2002, it will have been worth the wait. Described as a "multi-sensory audio walk" and a "sound sculpture,"

"Directions: Janet Cardiff" opens Wednesday through Oct. 30. Call 202-633-1000 (TDD: 202-357-1729).

-- Michael O'Sullivan


So, the last time you saw a Korean detective movie

was . . .? And the first time? How about a great Korean detective movie? "Memories of Murder," at the American Film Institute's Silver Theatre, is a beautifully made, unconventional and engrossing movie about the hunt for a serial killer in Korea over more than a decade.

See review on Page 27.

-- Desson Thomson


Destiny's Child was crowned as the new Supremes, so it's somehow fitting that the group decided to call it quits after Beyonce Knowles's spectacular success as a solo artist, which echoes that of Diana Ross a generation before. Don't feel sorry for Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams, though -- they've already established themselves as solo acts, so there should be no Mary Wilson-like bad blood to sour the memories. Say goodbye to the trio Sunday at MCI Center after opening performances by Amerie, Mario and Tyra. Call 202-397-7328.

-- Richard Harrington


Artists have been turning to love for inspiration since time immemorial. Saturday and Sunday at Dance Place, Hank Williams meets modern dance when local choreographer Katrina Toews and her K2 Dance Company, joined by videographer Keira Hart, take a stab at the heart of the matter in an evening of works titled "I'll Leave Your Things on the Front Porch." Call 202-269-1600.

-- Lisa Traiger

Destiny's Child will sing at MCI Center Sunday.