MUST LOVE DOGS (PG-13, 88 minutes)

The world craves a good romantic comedy, but "Must Love Dogs," though its cast carries a fine pedigree, won't satisfy that hunger. Painfully arch (and ploddingly episodic), it is weighed down by its own artificiality. It is unlikely many teenagers will be riveted by this tale (based on a novel by Claire Cook) of a newly divorced preschool teacher (Diane Lane) and how her sister (Elizabeth Perkins) pushes her into Internet dating. She meets a lovable, idealistic boat builder (John Cusack), but the womanizing father (Dermot Mulroney) of one of her students fogs her brain. As her widowed dad, Christopher Plummer beams, and Stockard Channing is fun as his free-spirited Web date, who would like to be more. They're all too cute!

"Must Love Dogs" includes much strong sexual innuendo, but the lewdness typical of so many PG-13s is gone -- the tone is mild. Still, it is not for preteens, with its myriad semi-crude, slangy references to sex and one implied overnight tryst. Tots make unwitting references to "uncles" sleeping over with single moms. In a comic sequence, Lane's and Cusack's characters drive around frantically seeking condoms so they can have sex. Scantily clad women dance erotically in a club. There is mild profanity.

STEALTH (PG-13, 117 minutes)

In this silly video game of a movie, a trio of top U.S. Navy fliers (Josh Lucas, Jessica Biel and Jamie Foxx) must pilot their high-tech bombers alongside a new robotic drone. The new plane's computer, designed to "evolve," develops a mind of its own and triggers international incidents. "Stealth" starts out as a rather engaging military action flick, set in a scary near-future with American heroes stamping out terrorist cells the world over. As the improbabilities escalate, though, it gets dumb, then goofy. Teenagers who like action pictures may find "Stealth" entertaining anyway. The flying sequences, enhanced with virtual topography, are pretty cool, if clearly fake. Lucas, Biel and Foxx, with Sam Shepard as their commanding officer, class up the weak material. The violence is rarely graphic but does include gunfire as well as bombing sequences, aerial dogfights and explosions. There is also an implied gun suicide. The movie contains mildish sexual innuendo for a PG-13, occasional profanity, drinking, smoking and brief toilet humor.