KidsPost asked readers to share their reviews of "Harry Potter and the Half- Blood Prince" by J.K. Rowling.

Lots of kids had lots to say (not all of it complimentary). Here are excerpts from some of the reviews.

The sixth selection in Rowling's series is dull at first . . . but after that the book gets more exciting by the page."

Matthew Evans, 10, Silver Spring

It was really hard to put down. . . . I felt like I was right with Harry the whole time.

Holly Sandler, 11, Clarksville

This Harry Potter book was not exactly the best. It concentrated more [on] the personal lives of the teenagers. . . . Most of the time it's gross: Who dates who, who kisses who.

Shilpa Iyyer, 11, Burke

It didn't have enough action. It was more of a documentary of Harry's lessons, instead of his quest to defeat Voldemort.

Tim Ferrell, 12, Fairfax Station

The new Harry Potter book is Rowling's best work so far. . . . There are so many surprises in this book that I would never have guessed what happened.

Jay Catalanotto, 13, Washington

"Half-Blood Prince" is overall a great book. Some might argue that the story is too emotional or gruesome, but Ms. Rowling does not write to make everyone happy. . . . I love how the characters are maturing in each book.

Sarah Slichter, 12, Alexandria

I thought "Half-Blood Prince" was a bit predictable. . . . The story was a lot darker, because the wizarding world is at war. The book definitely disappointed me.

Katherine Eisenberg, 13,

Silver Spring

How J.K. Rowling came up with such unique ideas is a total mystery to me.

Alexandra Johnson, 8, Washington

It seemed like Rowling was playing to the fact that her book would be made into a movie, so she added a lot more violence and "snogging" just for the movie-going audiences. I thought a lot of the violence . . . was unnecessary and if she had cut it, she could have put in a lot more plot-developing stuff.

Gemma d'Eustachio, 13,

Takoma Park

I really liked Harry Potter #6 because it had a lot of good surprises at the end. I also liked all the new spells Harry learned. . . . I think that J.K. Rowling may have her best book yet.

Melissa Joskow, 9, Arlington

I thought the book was really short this time around. The ending sort of snuck up on you, and it almost felt totally random. . . . It seemed like I was reading the book and the ending just came out of nowhere.

Emma Lord, 14, Falls Church

Harry no longer throws the temper tantrums that plagued the last book; it gives the interaction in this book a feel similar to the first four.

Alexander Brandt, 14, Vienna

"Half-Blood Prince" casts a spell not seen in the series since "Prisoner [of Azkaban]." Readers get answers to questions. The great imagery is still there. Harry and company mature immensely. After reading the book, readers will cry and await the final volume.

Christina de Nicola, 16,

Miami, Florida

In California, Daniella Ferullo, left, and Hannah Bacos dive in. Far right, Phelan Mahony, 12, buys the first copy in Mount Prospect, Illinois.