Astronauts Make a Fix,

Await Shuttle Plan

* Shuttle Discovery astronauts spent much of yesterday replacing a washing-machine-size spinning wheel called a gyroscope that steers the international space station.

While Stephen Robinson and Soichi Noguchi were floating in space, twisting and turning the 660-pound gyroscope to get it to fit, scientists on Earth were working on a plan to fix shuttle damage. Shuttle cameras showed two pieces of insulation, each about an inch long, hanging from the spacecraft's belly.

The pieces of insulation are stuck between the heat tiles on the shuttle, much like caulk between tiles in your bathroom. Engineers at NASA are worried they might catch fire as the shuttle returns to Earth.

The space agency said it will send an astronaut on another spacewalk this week to try to fix the insulation. NASA has never tried this kind of in-flight repair.

Name That Planet

* The shuttle astronauts might not be able to see it, but it exists: a 10th planet in our solar system.

It's about 9 billion miles away from the sun. Astronomers say it's at least as large as Pluto. The planet was first noticed in 2003 but its orbit was difficult to track.

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An artist's concept of a planet about 9 billion miles from the sun, right.