When Shane and his sister Portia delivered a package from their mom to Mr. Blair at the creepy old Blair mansion, they had no idea what was in it or what adventure awaited them. The package turned out to be a clock. But before they could find out why Mr. Blair was so upset, he disappeared. Then Shane and Portia fell into the cellar, where they found Shane's name on the wall, a lucky penny and their mom. They also found a note telling them to dismantle the clock.

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Portia pulled off the face of the clock and the hands moved to point directly east. Shane looked and saw a map showing a secret passage between his house and Mr. B's house.

"I knew the clock would show us the way!" shouted Mom. But only Shane can enter.

-- Elizabeth Galanti, 9, Herndon

Only Shane can enter the secret passageway, but all KidsPost readers can enter to write the final chapter in our mystery. What is in the secret passage? Why can only Shane go there? What's the connection between Mom and Mr. Blair? Answer these questions and more as you wrap up the story. Remember, how the mystery is solved is up to you! (We'll publish the complete mystery next Wednesday.)

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