It's vacation time again. I am going to beat the Washington heat by spending a week on Cape Cod, Massachusetts. I'll kick back, hang out at the beach, read and watch Cape Cod baseball, probably the best college summer league around.

Then it's on to Cooperstown, New York, home of the National Baseball Hall of Fame, where my son, Liam, is a research intern. Talk about a perfect summer job -- Liam gets paid to read about baseball!

With a vacation schedule like that, you know I'll be thinking about sports, especially baseball. Here are some of my vacation thoughts for this year:

* I love the Nationals, but their uniforms are boring. The block letters on the front of their jerseys don't cut it, fashion-wise. I love the Nats' blue hats, though. And I love the "DC" hat most of all.

* Speaking of uniforms, is there any space on a NASCAR driver's suit that is not covered by ads? Before long, I bet drivers have ads on the seats of their pants.

* Is it me, or has the WNBA lost some of its sizzle? One exception is Temeka Johnson, the Mystics' rookie point guard. She's only 5 feet 3, but she has a big-time game.

* No one seems to be paying much attention to tennis either, although a close, hard-fought match, such as the one Venus Williams and Lindsay Davenport staged in the Wimbledon final last month, is as exciting as sports can get.

* Hooray for Major League Baseball for trying to get rid of steroids. Now, how about chewing tobacco? It's a disgusting habit and the worst kind of example for kids.

* Did you see the article in the paper recently reporting that about 23 percent of those who buy Nationals tickets (almost one out of every four tickets sold) never bother to show up? There must be some way to get those tickets to poor kids in the area who would love to see a Nats game.

* When the National Hockey League starts again, what if no one shows up?

* Surprise! I'm glad that baseball got cut from 2012 Olympic Games. We have enough baseball with all the pro leagues. But it's too bad that women's softball got the ax, too. Softball is a cool sport that needs all the publicity and support it can get.

* Sorry, Mark Brunell, the 2004 starter, is not the answer for the Redskins at quarterback this year. Coach Joe Gibbs should stick with Patrick Ramsey.

* When you consider that nearly two dozen Nationals players have gone on the disabled list already this season, it's even more amazing that Cal Ripken Jr. played more than 16 seasons without missing a game.

* I like to play golf when I'm on on vacation. When pro golfers vacation, do you think they like to write sports columns?

* I have been a Red Sox fan my entire life. Now that Boston has won its first World Series in 86 years, it doesn't seem that important that they win another. But I still want my Sox to beat the Yankees.

Fred Bowen writes KidsPost's sports column and is the author of sports novels for kids.

Signs of the times: NASCAR driver Elliott Sadler's yellow suit goes for the green.Rookie guard Temeka Johnson, left, adds some sizzle to the WNBA and the Mystics.Tennis at its best: Venus Williams is excited -- and exciting -- on the court.Nationals'

Chad Cordero throws fashion

to the wind.