An Aug. 9 KidsPost item about suggested names for the 10th planet misidentified Vulcan. He is the god of fire in Roman, not Greek, mythology. (Published 8/11/2005)

Naming Pluto's Neighbor

* The news has been positively out of this world lately.

The space shuttle Discovery has had a busy mission and is set to return to Earth today, but it's the discovery of a 10th planet that seems to have readers excited.

Last week KidsPost reported that scientists had spotted a new planet, at least the size of Pluto, more than 9 billion miles from the sun. It doesn't have a name yet and is being called 2003 UB313.

Well, we knew KidsPost readers could do better than that, so we asked them to submit suggestions. More than 50 readers (kids and adults) came up with ideas. Here are some of our favorites. (We hope the International Astronomical Union, which names planets, is reading!)

* Frigusmodo (combines Latin words for cold and alone) -- Kylie Stewart, 11, Annandale

* Hespera (Greek goddess of dusk) -- Adrian Miller, 11, Largo

* Garfield (because it just hangs out and doesn't do a lot) -- Emma Busch, 5, Bethesda

* Frozo (since it's very cold) -- Claire Busch, 8, Bethesda

* Proserpina (a Roman goddess who was kidnapped by Pluto) -- Olivia De Angelis, 13, Centreville

* Vulcan (Greek god of fire and crafts) -- Samantha Colein, 12, Hyattsville

* Mygeeto (from "Revenge of the Sith") -- Elliott Hung, 14, Silver Spring

* Pomona (Roman goddess of fruits and trees) -- Caroline Jarcho, 10, Bethesda

* Copernicus, Galilei or Krypton -- Nina Stoddard, 15, Arlington

* Neil (astronaut Neil Armstrong) -- Bedilu Green, 3, Washington

* Crius (a Greek Titan ) -- Alex Jain, 12, Silver Spring

* Minerva (Roman goddess of knowledge and wisdom) -- Grace Montgomery, 10, Bethesda

* Cyrermelon (it's in our solar system and looks like a melon!) -- Sarah Torresen, 8, Washington

Planet 2003 UB313 (shown at three different times and circled in white) is the 10th planet in our solar system.