Lemonade Stand Makes

Sausage Man Mad

* Who could have a problem with a couple of boys selling lemonade in the middle of summer?

It turns out a guy selling sausage from a cart nearby could. The boys were hurting his business!

Dominic Serino, 9, and Ryan Decker, 11, wanted to make a little money, so they set up their stand in downtown Salem, Massachusetts. But Jarrod Clowery, an employee of sausage vendor Classy Chassis, called the city to say the boys didn't have the proper city license -- which costs $2,200 -- to sell lemonade.

Well, once people in Salem heard about the tale of the sausage vendor and the lemonade boys, things really turned sour. People on the street were giving Clowery icy stares and some even threatened him.

But the story has a sweet ending. Classy Chassis has decided to let the boys sell lemonade using its city license until school starts.

What do the boys have to say about all this? "Come buy our lemonade," Ryan said.

Correction: In listing readers' suggested names for the newly discovered 10th planet on Tuesday, KidsPost published the wrong identification for Vulcan. He is god of fire in Roman, not Greek, mythology.

This summer Dominic Serino and Ryan Decker earned. And learned.