Figuring out where to go is just one happy hour dilemma. Then you need to figure out what (and how) to tip.

Not surprisingly, this is a pretty touchy subject. Many people have gotten used to the idea of tipping $1 per drink or 15 to 20 percent of the tab as a thank you and (perhaps) guarantee good service in the future. At happy hour, though, that formula goes out the window.

When beers are $1, handing over another buck every time seems excessive -- and makes the whole happy hour seem like less of a deal. (Your server, who earns the same during the 5 o'clock crush and the 8 p.m. slowdown, will probably disagree.) So how do you tip without looking like a cheapskate? The easiest option is to run a tab and figure it all out at the end, although not all bartenders like to have to rummage through the pile of credit cards behind the bar to add another $2 cheap beer to your tab. Also, given the credit card minimums in some establishments, this isn't a feasible solution if you're just stopping in for one or two drinks.

One friend of mine insists on ordering rounds when she goes to happy hour. When you're paying for two or three beers at once, it's easier to slip in a buck or two for the bartender. Another option is to tip every other round, beginning with the first.

Open bar events are another story. You're not paying for anything, but the bartender still has to mix your drink or pour your beer. It's good karma to drop a buck or two every time you receive a drink.

Finally, two things to remember: When you leave a tip, try to catch the bartender's eye and say thanks. You may just find your next drink arrives faster and stronger. And if you're hitting Asylum's Miller High Life Countdown, where beers start at a mere 25 cents on Saturdays, remember this: A quarter is never an acceptable tip. Ever.