Major League Baseball. Washington at New York Mets (Channel 20 at 1); San Diego at Atlanta (ESPN at 8).

Golf. World Golf Championship, NEC Invitational (Channel 9, 2:30).

Public Affairs

Fox News Sunday. Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) and Gov. Bill Richardson (D-N.M.) discuss soaring gas prices, setbacks in Iraq and immigration issues at home; Ceci Connolly of The Washington Post, Fred Barnes of the Weekly Standard and Juan Williams of National Public Radio discuss the withdrawal from Gaza (Channel 5 at 9 a.m.).

This Week. Sens. George Allen (R-Va.) and Chuck Hagel (R-Neb.) discuss the missed deadline for an Iraqi constitution; Gov. Bill Richardson (D-N.M.) explains the state of emergency in New Mexico; ABC News's Claire Shipman and New York Times columnist Paul Krugman join George Will to discuss Cindy Sheehan, oil prices, Iraq and John Roberts; musician, author and Texas gubernatorial hopeful Kinky Friedman stops in to make his pitch to voters (Channel 7 at 9 a.m.).

Sunday Morning. Martha Teichner reports on the fight to save America's architectural landmarks; Mika Brzezinski reports on the burgeoning designer underwear business; Lee Cowan catches up with musician-author Kinky Friedman and queries him about his impossible dream to become the governor of Texas; Bill Geist has his office made over by "Trading Spaces's" Hildi Santo-Tomas and Carter Oosterhouse. (Channel 9 at 9 a.m.).

Religion & Ethics Newsweekly. Nina Shea, director of Freedom House's Center for Religious Freedom, discusses the role of religion in the ongoing negotiations over the delayed Iraqi constitution; Kim Lawton profiles American black churches and their efforts to combat the genocide in Sudan; Lucky Severson visits with philanthropist Gil Gillenwater (Channel 32 at 9 a.m.).

The Chris Matthews Show. Bob Woodward of The Washington Post, Andrea Mitchell of NBC News, Elisabeth Bumiller of the New York Times and Joe Klein of Time magazine discuss presidents and lying (Channel 4 at 10 a.m.).

Inside Washington. Panelists discuss the insurgency in Iraq, Cindy Sheehan's relationship to other military parents, the Pentagon's body-armor issue, the Israeli withdrawal from Gaza and the early writings of Supreme Court nominee John Roberts. With columnist Charles Krauthammer, Newsweek's Evan Thomas, NPR's Nina Totenberg and The Washington Post's Colby King. (Channel 7 at 10 a.m.).

Meet the Press. Sen. Russ Feingold (D-Wis.) discusses a possible withdrawal deadline from Iraq; Sen. Trent Lott (R-Miss.) discusses his new autobiography and the turmoil in Iraq (Channel 4, 10:30 a.m.).

Capital Sunday looks at the war in Iraq and Prince George's County's soaring crime rates (Channel 7, 10:30 a.m.).

Face the Nation. Topics include rising gas prices, the real estate bubble and the state of the economy (Channel 9, 10:30 a.m.).

WB Now offers hot tips for last-minute summer plans (Channel 50, 10:30 a.m.).

Reliable Sources. Panelists discuss the coverage of Cindy Sheehan and the antiwar movement. With Debra Saunders of the San Francisco Chronicle, Dana Milbank of The Washington Post and syndicated columnist Arianna Huffington (CNN, 11:30 a.m.).

John McLaughlin's One on One. With Israeli Ambassador to the United States Daniel Ayalon on the withdrawal from Gaza (NewsChannel 8 at 9).

Late Edition With Wolf Blitzer. Sen. Carl Levin (D-Mich.) and Rep. Duncan Hunter (R-Calif.) discuss Iraq and homeland security; Laith Kubba, adviser to Iraqi Prime Minister Ibrahim al-Jaafari examines the war in Iraq; South Korean Foreign Minister Ban Ki-Moon discusses North Korea's nuclear potential; Gene Sperling, former Clinton White House economic adviser, and Stephen Moore of the Wall Street Journal look at the summer spike in gas prices; Israeli Finance Minister Ehud Olmert looks at the Gaza disengagement (CNN at noon).

Q&A interviews two C-SPAN employees who have immigrated to America from Tajikistan and India (C-SPAN at 8 and 11 p.m.).

Cable Special

A Man Who Became Pope. An encore presentation of the Pope John Paul II biopic will air commercial-free and uninterrupted (Hallmark at 9 a.m.).

Children's Programming

Koala Brothers. There's plenty of Frank and Buster to go around in this marathon run of the educational children's program. Eight episodes follow (Disney Channel at 6 a.m.).

Public Broadcasting

Motown: The Early Years offers a nostalgic glimpse of the legendary record label, including rare interviews and vintage performance footage (Channel 26 at 9).


Dateline visits Northern Uganda to report on "night commuters" -- scores of children who evade rebel death squads by hiding in the night (Channel 4 at 7).

60 Minutes. Steve Kroft interviews Michael Scheuer, former head of the CIA unit pursuing Osama bin Laden; Lesley Stahl reports on the controversial trend of parents allowing teens to drink at home in efforts to curb drunken driving; Bob Simon reports on the Moken people of Southeast Asia and how they survived the deadly tsunami. (Channel 9 at 7).

Prime-Time Special

Living With the Dead. Ted Danson plays a clairvoyant crime solver in the second installment of this two-part thriller (Channel 9 at 9).

Prime-Time Movie

O (2001). Mekhi Phifer stars in the contemporary adaptation of Shakespeare's "Othello." Two hours (Channel 50 at 8).

Cable Series

The 4400. Baldwin and Skouris are drawn into a conspiracy after 4400s around the globe begin showing symptoms of severe illness (USA at 9).

Cable Series Finale

Six Feet Under (HBO at 8:30) is previewed today by Teresa Wiltz on Page C1.

Cable Miniseries Premiere

Inside 9/11. The first in a four-part miniseries promises a comprehensive look at the events leading up to and after the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks (National Geographic at 9).

Cable News Special

Dead Wrong -- Inside an Intelligence Meltdown takes an in-depth look at the faulty evidence of WMDs that led the Bush administration to declare war in Iraq (CNN at 8).

Classic footage of Diana Ross and the Supremes is shown on "Motown: The Early Years" at 9 tomorrow on Channel 26.