For Better or Worse

Third time's the charm, right? Twice-divorced Rep. Dennis Kucinich (D-Ohio) tied the knot Sunday outside Cleveland City Hall, where he once served as mayor.

The famous former bachelor and Elizabeth Harper, a Briton who works for a monetary policy think tank in Chicago, married in front of 250 guests, including longtime Kucinich pal Shirley MacLaine, 2004 presidential campaign supporter Sean Penn and a slew of politicians.

"It was a lovely ceremony and the congressman really wanted to do this in the heart of Cleveland," said Kucinich spokesman Doug Gordon.

The rep won't reveal details about Harper, such as her age, how she met the 58-year-old congressman or how long they have been together -- to "protect her privacy" -- but added that the couple are "just thrilled to be married and are looking forward to a long and happy life together."

Gordon says the newlyweds will take off for a honeymoon shortly, but won't disclose where they are headed.

Warbler and Peace

A 1995 Sidwell Friends School graduate ended his musical tour of all 50 state capitals last night -- conducted in an effort to "connect the country" -- with a final bow in Washington, his home town.

Webster McBride, 28, said he started July 4 in Carson City, Nev., and played his guitar on the steps of a different state capital building each night. McBride's interstate repertoire consisted of nine songs -- covers and a few from his rock band, the Golden Birds.

"Some of them are politically charged, a lot of them are love songs," he said. "Part of the idea was to sing innocent, romantic songs at a time when the country is seen as an aggressive force to those abroad."

The San Francisco-based IT consultant said he came up with the idea last year after he experienced "frustration with the polarization and fragmentation of the country." At least the fragmented country was friendly: McBride stayed with a "friend or friend of a friend" on his journey and had to camp out only four times.

The musician says Boise, Idaho, was the most memorable capital. "Everyone I met was really nice and gracious. It's a really clean, pretty city." And Washington? "I grew up here," he said with a laugh, "but I'm looking forward to staying in one place for more than a day."

The whirlwind isn't over just yet: McBride is slotted to go on "Good Morning America" tomorrow morning.

As for achieving his goals, McBride isn't sure what to think yet: "I'm very behind on the mental processing part of the trip."

End Notes

* A few fans of Christopher Paolini's new book, "Eldest," are in for a surprise deep into the story. A rep for the fantasy novel's publisher, Random House, confirmed yesterday that 1 percent of the million books printed are missing more than 30 pages. Instead, the young-adult novels have pages from another Random House book, "Inkspell," by Cornelia Funke. "It was a minor printing and binding error," the rep said. "It can happen." The publishing giant plans to ship replacement copies at no extra cost to confused customers. Oops!

* Nothing like getting a leg up on the competition. Not only did tennis phenom Maria Sharapova rise in the ranks from 324 to No. 1 in three years, she also shot up a few inches. The 6-foot-2 star told Time magazine she's not quite sure what to make of her stature: "If I wear heels, I'm like 6 foot 4 inches. It's a little too tall."

-- Compiled by Korin Miller

from staff and wire reports

Rep. Dennis Kucinich and Elizabeth Harper's honeymoon destination is top secret. (Cincinnati? Akron? Toledo!)How's the air up there? Russian tennis ace Maria Sharapova has shot up to 6 feet 2.Webster McBride ended his musical tour of capitals by playing in front of the

U.S. Capitol

last night.