It's the pits. They've been working overtime this never-ending, hot, sticky and stinking month. Don't underarms deserve a little overindulgence, too?

Ban the Ban. And splurge on posh perspiration protection.

"Everyone has their own deodorant story," says Susan Schulz, CosmoGirl editor-in-chief and lifelong Secret user. Her magazine caters to pubescent girls with sweaty issues (underarms, feet, general BO) and a nose for labels. (Coach could make a killing with a roll-on.) So, it's not surprising that companies have married the two. Chanel, Donna Karan, Hermes -- your pits could really go to town. "Everything is so much about the high-end stuff now," she says.

Glammy deodorant -- now that's funny. So says Chris White, a professional comedian ("full-time would be misleading") and (like most stand-ups) a sweat expert. "You shouldn't put anything expensive on your armpits -- it's one of the least savory parts," says White, a DC Improv regular and Speed Stick stickler. "It's just something you don't do -- like putting a sweater on a dog," he says.

But unlike, say, a Westie in wool, a $27 deodorant isn't that bad when you do the math. "You do use it every day for usually over a month," says Schulz. And "it's a way to get something high-end without having to spend a thousand dollars -- anyone can wear Dolce & Gabbana deodorant and be feeling fabulous about it without breaking the bank," she says. But do chichi deodorants work as well as those (dare we say) drugstore brands? Schulz says with a laugh, "Does it matter if it works? Even if you don't smell good, your pits are sporting the bling."

-- Janelle Erlichman Diamond

Clockwise from top left: Acqua di Parma Iris Nobile deodorant spray ($27), at Neiman Marcus. Kiehls Superbly Efficient Anti-Perspirant and Deodorant Cream ($10), at Saks Fifth Avenue stores. Umbrian Clay Deodorant ($18), at Hermes Eau D'Orange Verte deodorant stick ($30), at Saks Fifth Avenue. Thierry Mugler Angel Caress deodorant roll-on antiperspirant ($25,) at Nordstrom. Darphin Essential Deodorant ($20), at Blue Mercury, 3059 M St. NW and 1619 Connecticut Ave. NW. L'Occitane Purifying Deodrant ($15), at L'Occitane, 3106 M St. NW and Pentagon City, 1100 S. Hayes St., Arlington. Anthony Logistics for Men Alcohol Free Deodorant ($12), at Sephora or Center: Clarins Gentle Care Roll-On Deodorant ($13.50), at Nordstrom.