Alpine Static

Sub Pop

There have been many all-instrumental rock bands over the years, but there's a reason the only one that most non-specialists can name is the Ventures. The Seattle group's locomotion defined the genre, which is still sprinting wherever reruns of "Hawaii 5-0'' are seen. So it's only logical that Kinski -- the latest instrumental-rock combo from the Ventures' hometown -- begins its new album, "Alpine Static,'' at a gallop. Band leader Chris Martin (no, not the one who sired Apple) opens the album with a bit of back-and-forth oscillator but then switches to guitar and straight ahead.

Kinski actually can do other things. Guitarist-pianist Matthew Reid-Schwartz also plays the flute -- not too often, fortunately -- and Martin's oscillator sometimes sets the mood, notably during the Steve Reich-like preludes to "The Snowy Parts of Scandinavia'' and "Edge Set.'' But those last only about three minutes and 40 seconds, respectively, before the band switches to livelier cadences. When Kinski varies the pace, it's usually just in anticipation of its next guitar-thrumming dash.

-- Mark Jenkins

Appearing Friday at the Warehouse Next Door with Ostinato and Kohoutek.

No vocals please, we're Kinski.