Nemacolin Woodlands Resort is far more than a spa, of course. There are sports and games for all ages and all levels of experience. For those who prefer their getaway to include more active fun, here are some of the activities offered:

Clay target shooting; 36 holes of golf, golf lessons and mini-golf; tennis, croquet and shuffleboard; trail rides, driving lessons and a low-key personal "equine experience" for beginning horse whisperers; paintball; bicycling; casting or fly fishing; wall climbing and rope course training; kayaking and canoeing on a lake; swimming; even riding in a surrey with a fringe on top. And that's just the warm-weather stuff. Come fall, there's dog-sledding; after that, there's skiing.

But the strangest and most fun, at least for those who like driving even after living in Washington, is the Hummer Off-Road Driving Academy, during which you learn to drive that monster over rocks and logs, through up-and-downs and into deep water, up a 60 percent incline and across a 40 percent slope (just like the TV commercials). That's the training course; then you hit the Crater, a seven-acre savannah of mud and torn-up turf with enough ruts, ponds and slopes to make you shimmy like nobody's sister Kate. Then there are the 20 miles of obstacle-course trails. And yes, the "equipment" is provided, although Hummer owners are welcome to BYOH.

-- Eve Zibart

Take out a loaner or bring your own Hummer to Nemacolin's off-road course.