Tsunami Wave Reached Around the World

* Last year's tsunami in the Indian Ocean destroyed homes, communities and families throughout Asia, but it didn't stop there.

New research shows that the effects of the killer wave were felt as far away as Peru and northern Canada. Scientists writing in an online version of the journal Science said yesterday that the wave traveled several times around the globe as it weakened.

The initial wave that hit Indonesia, India and other countries in the Indian Ocean was 30 feet tall. Waves measured by tide gauges in Halifax, Nova Scotia, 14,400 miles west of the center of the underwater earthquake that caused the wave, were 20 inches.

Scientists discovered that ridges in the ocean floor helped channel the wave around the world in a way they hadn't predicted.

Vets' Shell Game

Saves Tortoise

* A desert tortoise named Cactus is doing much better now that he has had four bladder stones -- one as large as a baseball -- removed from his belly.

Veterinarians at the San Francisco Zoo cut into the shell of the 40-year-old animal, removed the stones, then resealed the shell with fiberglass. Cactus was back on display this week.

If not treated, bladder stones can lead to the death of a tortoise.

Cactus is back on display after having four bladder stones removed.