While we wait for new TV shows and movies, let's sneak in some video game time. . . .

* Mario Superstar Baseball on GameCube has the bells and whistles (and sometimes annoying music) you've come to expect -- plus the talents of Donkey Kong, Yoshi and other friends and foes that helped our mustachioed hero make it to the big time.

* NASCAR 06: Total Team Control, for various systems, is more than just a racing game. To win, you have to work together with other cars on your team. Yu-Gi-Oh:! Nightmare Troubadour, for Nintendo DS, also steps it up a notch, making time of day a factor in the duels.

* DVD releases include "Lilo and Stitch 2," with a bonus animated short, "The Origin of Stitch." Older titles hitting the shelves: the fourth volume of the "Garfield and Friends" TV series; a triple-play collection of the original "Bad News Bears" films, PG-rated, so a bit less crude than the Billy Bob Thornton remake; and "Little Miss Broadway," a Shirley Temple classic from 1938 (ask your great-grandmother!), with versions in color and the black-and-white original.

-- Scott Moore

Mario and Luigi have a ball

in Superstar Baseball.