Storming Onto the Scene

Send in the tough guy! To tackle coverage of Hurricane Katrina, Fox News dispatched someone who has seen his share of disaster: Miami-based correspondent Steve Harrigan, who has provided plenty of war coverage for the network over the years.

In a broadcast yesterday, a soaked (and goggle-wearing) Harrigan described the weather conditions, including 135-mph winds, in Gulfport, Miss., as "scary" -- this from a man who has reported on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict as well as the Afghan and Chechen wars.

News anchor Jon Scott remarked: "Steve, I know you've been in places like Afghanistan. When you describe it as 'scary' it's got to be pretty scary." Harrigan's response: "It is." Yikes!

Refusing to Play It Straight

Here's an interesting mix: politics and poker. Bush Cards (second-term edition) are playing cards that feature random quotes, facts and pictures of key government officials. Oh, and they're slanted to the right. Really.

Creator Zach Levy said he released the first edition of Bush Cards in 2003 as a parody of the most-wanted Iraqi playing cards issued by the U.S. military. "They took on a life of their own. We've sold out twice since then," said the Manhattan resident. The latest installment was released in July.

The second-edition decks feature an unusual shape, which the Bush Cards Web site claims is "the first in the history of playing cards."

The reason? According to Levy, the rightward tilt "seemed to typify the way things were headed."

The deck features the president as the ace of spades (naturally), Vice President Cheney as the ace of clubs and Sen. Bill Frist (R-Tenn.) as the king of spades. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice's queen of hearts card mentions her "stated 'dream job' of NFL commissioner," and senior adviser Karl Rove's ace of diamonds card has a quote by him from a February 2001 issue of the New Yorker: "As people do better, they start voting like Republicans -- unless they have too much education and vote Democratic, which proves there can be too much of a good thing."

Levy owns up to his left-leaning political stance, but says Republicans and Democrats have purchased the $9 deck of cards: "Surprisingly, we've had people who are in the cards buy them." Hmm . . . we wonder if the president has them with him on vacation.

Bogus Bracelet Ring Busted

Six people have pleaded guilty to selling thousands of fake LiveStrong bracelets and handed over almost $112,000 to the Lance Armstrong Foundation, the New York attorney general's office said yesterday.

In March, undercover investigators bought 1,000 counterfeit wristbands from a store in Manhattan, then found 81,000 more there and at a home in Queens. Authorities said the bands were distributed to retailers around New York.

The real bracelets sell for $1 and help fund the Texas-based foundation that provides services to cancer patients. About 55 million authentic bracelets have been sold since the campaign, started by cycling champ Armstrong, began last year.

-- Compiled by Korin Miller

from staff and wire reports

When veteran war correspondent Steve Harrigan says it's "scary" out, be afraid, be very afraid.Game creator Zach Levy stacked the deck when producing his new satirical cards.