Katrina Brings Weather

Not Fit for Man or Beast

* Hurricane Katrina roared through Louisiana and Mississippi yesterday. The storm's winds blew as high as 145 miles per hour; waves and rain flooded roads and bridges; hundreds of thousands of people had no electricity.

Over the weekend, thousands of people -- and at least a few dolphins -- left their homes searching for safe places out of the storm's path.

About 9,000 people who couldn't leave the city of New Orleans, Louisiana, which was right in Katrina's path, went to an unusual place for refuge: the Superdome, where the New Orleans Saints football team plays. Even the sturdy stadium felt Katrina's wrath. The roof leaked and metal flew off the building. The people inside were safe, officials said.

Three dolphins that normally live and perform at the Gulfport Oceanarium in Mississippi were moved further inland -- to a hotel swimming pool.

People in the Washington area could feel a bit of Katrina with rain and winds later this week.

* Correction: In Sunday's birthday listings, KidsPost published the wrong picture for Rockville's Michael Pankowski. Michael, pictured here, will turn 6 on Thursday. Happy birthday, Michael.

Marci Romagnoli feeds three dolphins in a Mississippi hotel swimming pool.