TRANSPORTER 2 (PG-13, 88 minutes)

The sourest ingredient in this silly, yet admittedly eye-popping stuntfest is the repeated use of a child, threatened and petrified by villains, as a plot device. The filmmakers have jacked up "Transporter 2" with so much mayhem that their profit-boosting PG-13 rating is not only misleading but cynical. True, the violence is stylized and highly choreographed, but the sounds of bones crunching and bullets firing are plenty realistic. "Transporter 2" is problematic fare for middle schoolers and even some high schoolers. Between the impossible martial arts fights and hair-raising car and jet ski chases, there are point-blank shootings, impalings and explosions, but with little blood. Other mature elements include crass sexual innuendo from a female killer in platform shoes and flimsy lingerie, suggestive dancing, occasional profanity and drinking.

In this sequel, Jason Statham returns as Frank, a reluctant hero of few words. As a "transporter" with a bulletproof luxury car, he picks up people or delivers packages for whomever pays big bucks -- no questions asked, if they abide by his rules. If they don't, he is ex-Special Forces, fast and relentless. This time out, he's filling in for a pal as a driver for a wealthy Miami couple (Amber Valletta and Matthew Modine), whose adorable child (Hunter Clary) has won his heart. When killers go after the boy, Frank goes to war.

UNDERCLASSMAN (PG-13, 95 minutes)

Nick Cannon, likable star of "Drumline" (PG-13, 2002), mugs for cheap laughs as a hot-dogging young cop who volunteers to take his self-consciously exaggerated urban persona down a notch to go undercover at a fancy prep school where a crime has occurred. The cobbled-together plot leaks like a sieve, and most of the actors playing high school kids look nearer 30 than 20. Okay for younger teenagers, the movie contains fairly mild sexual innuendo (including a joke about "getting crabs"), occasional profanity and unfunny but oft-repeated toilet humor. High schoolers seem to drink beer at a party, though we see only plastic cups. One boy appears to get high after someone spikes his drink with a drug. The cops-and-robbers angle involves drug dealing, bloodless gunplay, a hostage-taking, and car and boat chases.