Chief Justice Rehnquist To Be Buried Today

* Chief Justice William H. Rehnquist will be buried today at Arlington National Cemetery. Rehnquist, 80, died Saturday night. He had cancer.

Rehnquist had been on the Supreme Court since 1972 and had been chief justice since 1986.

The Supreme Court decides what laws are in keeping with the Constitution of the United States, which forms the basis for all federal, or national, laws. The highest court in the land has nine justices (what judges on this court are called). Each justice has a vote on each case, but the chief justice often can shape the kind of decisions the Supreme Court makes. Rehnquist has been called one of the "two great chief justices" of the 20th century. The other was Earl Warren, the chief justice from 1953 to 1969.

There are now two openings on the court. Justice Sandra Day O'Connor, the first woman to be a Supreme Court justice, announced her retirement in July. The president nominates Supreme Court justices, to be approved or rejected by the Senate.

On Monday, President Bush announced that John Roberts, whom he had nominated to replace O'Connor, would be his choice instead to replace Rehnquist as chief justice. The president will choose someone else to replace O'Connor.

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One Week After Katrina,

Struggles and Success

* A week after Hurricane Katrina devastated Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama, millions of people are still struggling.

A million people, perhaps more, have been forced from their homes. They might not be able to return for months. Nearly a million customers still have no electricity.

Many families were separated as they evacuated and now are trying to find each other.

Despite the hardship, there was a little good news. Officials have patched the major levee that broke after the storm, causing New Orleans, Louisiana, to flood. Water is being pumped out of the city.

Hundreds of millions of dollars have been collected for victims of Hurricane Katrina and those people are getting food, water and clothes.

Justice Sandra Day O'Connor watches as the casket of Chief Justice Rehnquist is carried into the Supreme Court.