Kids Collect Backpacks, Money to Provide Relief

* Kids around the Washington area have been doing their part to help hurricane victims.

More than 4,000 backpacks have been collected at Walt Whitman High in Bethesda as part of the drive to give kids toy- and book-filled packs. For more information, check out

Lots of kids set up lemonade stands last weekend, with the money going to Katrina victims.

* In Falls Church, the Grant sisters -- Kelsey, 12, Haley, 9, and Jamie, 7 -- raised $60 in four hours. They want to use the money to buy toys for kids affected by the hurricane.

* In Northwest Washington, Connor and Maya Yu (ages 6 and 9) and Chloe and Olivia Lassman (both 9) set up a lemonade stand near a vegetable stand on Saturday and got lots of thirsty customers. They raised $207. Lucky customers got origami cranes and flowers as well as lemonade.

* In Ijamsville, Maryland, AnneMarie and Amelia Mossy, both 9, raised more than $900 from their lemonade, candy and snack stand on Saturday. The girls had a special reason to want to raise money: Their grandparents and uncle had to leave their home in Louisiana.

Walt Whitman High has gathered more than 3,000 backpacks.