A Modern Atlantis

* You may have thought about what it would be like to live in space, but what about living underwater?

Two scuba divers from Italy are trying to set a world record by living more than 26 feet underwater for 10 days. They started their adventure Wednesday and will try to live for 240 hours on a platform off the island of Ponza, Italy.

Stefano Barbaresi and Pierfranco Bozzi will have some, if not all, of the comforts of home. The anchored platform has specially designed cages they will sleep in. The divers also have exercise equipment, a table and chairs, even a television -- although seeing all the fish swimming by would seem to be more interesting than anything on TV.

The Joy of Toys

* The next time your parents say they are going to throw away your old toys if you don't clean your room, tell them this story.

British auction house Christie's is planning a November auction of old astronaut and robot toys. The collection, owned by Paul Lips, is thought to be the world's third-largest assortment of these types of metal and remote-controlled toys.

But here's why your mom and dad maybe should let you hold on to old playthings: The toy collection is expected to sell for about $360,000.

Stefano Barbaresi exercises during a planned 10-day stint underwater.Zoe Schoon looks over toys, including Astronaut (top), expected to bring $360,000.