M-I-C . . . See You at Disneyland Hong Kong

* Chinese lions danced in front of Sleeping Beauty's Castle. Kids begged their parents for Mickey Mouse ears. People waited in line to ride Space Mountain.

Some things were familiar while others were different as the first Disney theme park in China opened yesterday in Hong Kong.

About 15,000 visitors crowded into the park, which at 311 acres is larger than the original Disneyland in California.

The person at the head of the line to get into the new park was from Florida, not far from Disney World. "I hope the people of China can enjoy the happiness," said Michael Kuzma, 36.

The park cost $3.5 billion and took six years to build.

The Wheels and the Fuss

Go Round and Round

* Hong Kong won't be the only place in Asia where tourists can go for a wild ride.

Singapore, an island off the coast of Malaysia, yesterday announced plans to build a giant Ferris wheel. At 558 feet tall, the Singapore Flyer would tower over the 450-foot London Eye.

Shanghai, China, has plans for an even larger wheel -- a proposed 690 feet tall.

You won't be able to ride the Shanghai and Singapore wheels until at least 2008, though.

Visitors run to the entrance for the opening of Hong Kong Disneyland.