Planes, Ships Returning To New Orleans

* The airport and port in New Orleans were back in business yesterday, signs that the battered city is struggling to get up and running.

Sandy Rozales was aboard the first passenger flight to land in the Louisiana city since Hurricane Katrina struck 21/2 weeks ago. She said passengers were "preoccupied thinking about what they'd see when they get home." Rozales lives near one of the earthen dams that broke, flooding the city.

The port, gateway to a river system serving 33 states, expected its first cargo ship late last night.

President Bush, meanwhile, said yesterday that he takes responsibility for any failures by the federal government in responding to the hurricane, which killed hundreds and forced the evacuation of a million people.

On Monday, the head of the government's emergency response agency resigned amid criticism over delays in getting help to hurricane victims.

With the search for human victims reaching its final phase, the effort to save animals gained momentum. Nearly 4,000 pets have been rescued in Louisiana and Mississippi, the Humane Society of the United States said.

Veterinarian Peggy Champion with a dog rescued from New Orleans.