President Bush's decision to deliver a prime-time speech from Louisiana tonight has gummed up CBS's launch plans for two of its "CSI" series and blown out Fox's carefully planned rollout of its drama series "Reunion."

Bush will speak at 9 p.m.; that's when CBS was to begin its rerun of last season's Quentin Tarantino-directed "CSI" two-hour season finale.

The network wanted to rerun the finale today in order to set up the season debut next Thursday at 9.

Instead, "CSI" fans will see Bush at 9 tonight, and the Tarantino episode has been pushed to Wednesday -- the night before the "CSI" season debut.

That, in turn, causes the season debut of "CSI: NY," scheduled for 10 p.m. Wednesday, to be put off by one week.

Fox, meanwhile, had scheduled the second episode of "Reunion" in its regular 9 p.m. time slot tonight. Instead, fans of the new series, chronicling the doings of a clique of six friends over 20 years, must wait two weeks after the show's premiere to catch the second episode -- very bad for a new series.

To help matters, Fox plans to rerun the pilot episode tomorrow night in an effort to keep viewers interested.

NBC and ABC weren't really affected by Bush's prime-time preemption; NBC planned to air two "Scrubs" repeats in the hour and ABC had a news hour scheduled.

Great starts for several series Tuesday night.

The second season of Fox's medical drama "House" nearly doubled its debut audience compared with a year ago.

Nearly 16 million watched Hugh Laurie's return to the role at 9 p.m., compared with 7 million who'd caught the show's unveiling last fall.

Earlier in the night, the premiere of "Bones" clocked nearly 11 million viewers -- Fox's most watched Tuesday drama premiere since the launch of "24" in 2001.

WB had a good night too with the premiere of "Supernatural." The series, about two brothers whose female relations tend to get impaled on ceilings and spontaneously combust, attracted 5.7 million viewers.

That's WB's best new-series opening number in three seasons.

Jared Padelecki, left, and Jensen Ackles attracted 5.7 million viewers on WB's "Supernatural." President Bush will speak at 9 tonight.