Explosions Shake Iraq

* Car bombs across Iraq killed more than 160 people and left hundreds more injured yesterday.

It was one of the most violent days in that country since major fighting in the war ended more than two years ago. The worst attack happened in a Baghdad neighborhood when a van blew up as people lined up to look for jobs.

A group called al Qaeda in Iraq claimed responsibility for the attacks in a message on a Web site. The group said it was going to continue bombings across the country in retaliation for U.S. and Iraqi forces fighting against insurgents in Tall Afar, a city in northern Iraq.

Insurgents are people from Iraq and nearby countries who are using violent attacks to show that they do not want the new Iraqi government to succeed.

The government of Saddam Hussein, Iraq's previous leader, was defeated when forces from the United States, Britain and other countries invaded Iraq in March 2003. Hussein was captured and is to be put on trial for torturing thousands of Iraqis during his presidency.

Iraqi citizens are scheduled to vote on a constitution next month.

Ophelia Soaks Carolinas

* Folks along the coast of North Carolina are getting ready for Hurricane Ophelia. The storm is much weaker than Katrina, which struck Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama last month.

Ophelia has stayed off the coast of the Carolinas for several days. With winds blowing at 80 miles per hour, Ophelia was drenching the towns of southern North Carolina and northern South Carolina (got that?).

The storm is expected to make landfall today along the Outer Banks, where Ophelia could dump as much as 15 inches of rain.

People have been ordered off of North Carolina's Hatteras Island, with the famous lighthouse, and the National Park Service has closed the Wright Brothers memorial. Schools are closed and many tourists were heading home.

Amos Jones, 11, feels the effects of Hurricane Ophelia in North Carolina.