Silver, from the antique to the avant-garde, is the focus of two exhibitions opening Friday. At the Renwick Gallery through Jan. 22, "Modernism in American Silver: 20th-Century Design" features work by Eliel Saarinen, Michael Graves and other prominent designers. Call 202-633-1000 (TDD: 202-357-1729). Meanwhile, "Served in Style: Silver Collection of the Maryland Historical Society," at the Maryland Historical Society in Baltimore, is a permanent exhibition spotlighting works from the 18th to the 20th century. Call 410-685-3750.

-- Michael O'Sullivan


It's the chemistry between Reese Witherspoon and Mark Ruffalo that drives "Just Like Heaven," a whimsical interspiritual romance that can be appreciated for its tart banter and easy-on-the-eyes casting, if not its eventual maudlin twist in tone. See review on Page 42.

-- Ann Hornaday


Washington, already a Kafkaesque place, could hardly be more so these days, thanks to two new productions of the German writer's works, both adapted by playwright Steven Berkoff. Scena Theatre's "The Trial" tells the story of Joseph K., a hero to falsely accused types everywhere (703-684-7990), while Catalyst Theater Company presents "Metamorphosis," with Scott Fortier as the man who wakes to find he's turned into a giant bug (800-494-8497).

-- Scott Vogel


The Finnish symphonic-metal quartet Stratovarius -- the best rock-oriented band name since their fellow country men's Apocalyptica -- performs at Jaxx in Springfield. Call 703-569-5940.

-- Richard Harrington

Christopher Henley stars as Joseph K. in Scena Theatre's "The Trial."