Dear Heloise:

You might remember me as the mother of six children with attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder, or ADHD. Growing up in our household was never easy. Like the millions of parents who have children suffering from this disorder, I constantly searched for ways to help my children fit in and lead a "normal" life, whether in school or socially with other kids.

I have been dealing with ADHD for 30 years -- many of which have been frustrating, emotional and difficult. But with support and proper education, my family has also endured many successes -- my oldest is now raising a family of her own, and my youngest is heading off to college.

For the past few years, you have printed my letter about a valuable program, ADHD Experts on Call, an educational hotline that allows people affected by ADHD to speak one-on-one with teachers, doctors, school nurses and parents like myself.

The hotline will be available on Thursday, Sept. 22, from 8 a.m. to midnight EDT. The toll-free number is 888-ASK-ADHD (888-275-2343), and all callers can request free, easy-to-read booklets about ADHD.

Every year when you print my letter, we receive thousands of calls from people who say they read about our hotline in "Hints From Heloise."

So many of the calls are from people who have lost all hope. They have a lot of questions, so I share my stories as a way to give them back the hope they have lost.

For those helping children cope with the challenges of ADHD -- or for anyone who has questions -- ADHD Experts on Call offers authoritative, reliable guidance.

I only wish this program had been there for me and my husband when our children began to struggle with the disorder.

Sandra Jones, PhD, via fax

Sandra, you and the wonderful experts are the "stars" who shine in helping folks understand and cope with this disorder.

Dear Heloise:

My idea is to use the plastic pudding cups to make ice cubes for a thermos bottle or large beverage glasses. Gelatin and snack fruit cups can also be used.

Ann Phelps, Chilton, Tex.

Dear Heloise:

When I fix peas and green beans, instead of seasoning them with butter, I use dill weed. When having corn, I season it with chili pepper and chopped chives. We like that very much!

Dixie Hambleton, Steinauer, Neb.

Dear Heloise:

I was getting ready for work recently and needed to take some medication along with me. I did not have a pillbox, so, while searching for a container to hold two pills, I came across one of many contact-lens cases I had in the cabinet. This worked great, and with the screw lids, I did not have to worry about the pills falling out.

Kim Pinneke, Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Dear Heloise:

A tablespoon of white vinegar added to 1 cup of plain yogurt makes an excellent mock sour cream.

Gert, via e-mail

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