Emmy numbers weren't terrible!

Up 35 percent compared with '04's second-worst-ever crowd of 13.8 million viewers!

A whopping 18.6 million viewers put Emmys in deathmatch with the debut of gazillionth edition of "Survivor" for . . . well, second place for the week, behind a Monday football game!

In coveted 18-49 demographic group, trophy show skyrockets 30 percent over last year!

Second-lowest-rated Emmy telecast in the age bracket since at least 1992 -- but a lot better than last year's worst-ever rating!

So what made the ratings on Sunday night's three-hour Emmy telecast so much better than last year's?

Other than the addition of "Emmy Idol," of course.

Last year, the trophy show aired on ABC, which in September was still such a loser network with so few viewers that critics actually felt bad for it, like it was some little underdog, even though it's part of Disney. (Now, of course, it's got the series "Desperate Housewives" and "Lost" and is the hippest network in town.)

This year's Emmycast aired on CBS -- the country's most-watched network, though that "60 Minutes" lead-in maybe gave it a slightly older skew, at least in the early going.

Last year the pre-Emmy buzz was all about shows like HBO's miniseries "Angels in America," Fox's comedy "Arrested Development," NBC's sitcom "Frasier," HBO's drama series "Carnivale" -- you know, great shows no one was watching.

This year's buzz was entirely about "Desperate Housewives" and "Lost" -- two out-of-the-gate hits, which averaged about 24 million viewers and 16 million viewers last season, respectively.

Granted, each show snagged only two Emmys Sunday night, and ABC's ratings-hungry "Boston Legal" won just as many, as did HBO's FDR project "Warm Springs," while "The Life and Death of Peter Sellers" won three, as did CBS's now-gone sitcom "Everybody Loves Raymond."

The cast of "Lost," which won Emmys for best drama series and directing of a drama series.

Felicity Huffman, outstanding lead actress in a comedy series for her work in Desperate Housewives," receives congratulations.