Arevitalized Emmycast and the kickoff of "Survivor" kept CBS firmly in first place for the final week of the full, 52-week 2004-05 TV season.

Here's a look at the week's tough and timid:


Primetime Emmy Awards. Ironically, a boatload of pre-Emmy buzz on two ABC series, "Desperate Housewives" and "Lost," is getting credit for helping this trophy show broadcast on CBS jump from last year's second-worst-ever 13.8 million viewers to Sunday's 18.7 million.

"Monday Night Football." Last week ABC aired the Monday opener of "Monday Night Football." That's as opposed to the previous week, when ABC aired what it called "the Thursday night season opener of 'NFL Monday Night Football,' " which defies even television logic. Anyway, last week's Monday opener clocked 19.6 million viewers, which is the most watched "Monday Night Football" telecast in almost three years.

"Survivor: Guatemala." Yes, the first episode of CBS's "Survivor: Guatemala" logged 18.4 million viewers, the smallest opening number for a "Survivor" since the first edition in May 2000 opened with 15.5 million. Yes, those are the only two "Survivor" series that did not crack 20 million viewers with their first broadcasts. Still, snagging 18.4 million viewers for the first episode of a reality series in its 11th edition is an achievement. We'll keep a close eye on its progress.

"House." The second-season premiere of Fox's hit doc drama more than doubled its series premiere -- 15.9 million viewers last Tuesday compared with 7.1 million viewers last fall.

"Bones." Right before the season debut of "House," Fox's new procedural crime drama, marking David Boreanaz's return to series television, delivered that network's most watched Tuesday drama series unveiling in four years -- 10.8 million viewers.


"The Comeback." HBO says it won't order a second season of its mockumentary series in which Lisa Kudrow played a formerly famous actress trying to jump-start her career with a role in a new series. The final episode averaged only 920,000 viewers in its first telecast, on Sept. 4. An HBO rep told the trades that the network had looked at its schedule and decided, given HBO's "future commitments," it would not be able to give the show "the support it needed."

"The Biggest Loser." Among the things slimmed down on NBC's reality series about losing weight was its opening audience -- 7.8 million people on Tuesday's second-season kickoff, compared with 9.9 million for its premiere last October. On the bright side, last week's 90-minute debut grew by 41 percent among 18- to 49-year-olds from its first half-hour to its last, which is usually a good sign.

"Head Cases." Fox's new odd-couple lawyer series, starring Chris O'Donnell and Adam Goldberg, finished fourth in its Wednesday premiere, with an audience of 6.2 million, after its lead-in had finished first in its time slot, with more than 8 million watching.

World Music Awards. ABC's broadcast of this franchise scored a lowest-yet 5.2 million viewers -- about 1 million fewer than last year. Back in '94, this franchise was attracting almost 20 million fans.

The week's 10 most watched programs, in order: ABC's "NFL Monday Night Football"; CBS's broadcast of the Primetime Emmy Awards and first episode of "Survivor: Guatemala"; Fox's "House" season debut; CBS's two Thursday "CSI" repeats, and "Two and a Half Men" rerun; Fox's "Bones" premiere; CBS's "CSI: Miami" repeat; and NBC's "Law & Order: SVU" rerun.