Back to School: Dolphins Rescued, Reunited

* Eight trained dolphins swept into the sea by Hurricane Katrina have been reunited at a U.S. Navy center in Mississippi.

Shelly, Jill, Eli and Tamara were plucked from the Mississippi Sound on Tuesday and taken to the naval facility to rejoin the four dolphins -- Kelly, Toni, Jackie and Noah -- that were rescued earlier.

The eight Atlantic bottlenose dolphins were carried into the gulf 31/2 weeks ago when a storm surge more than 30 feet high swamped the Marine Life Oceanarium in Gulfport, Mississippi. The dolphins stayed together and were spotted close to shore on Sept. 10 during an aerial survey of Katrina's damage.

Three of the mammals were born at the oceanarium and had never been on their own, causing concern about how they would fare among predators for the first time.

The dolphins were fed from boats and tracked by their caregivers. At least two were rescued when scientists coaxed them to slide onto mats. (They are trained, after all!)

The dolphins have some large cuts and are as much as 100 pounds underweight, marine biologist Jeff Foster said. But they seem to be doing well now that they're being given antibiotics, vitamins, plenty of fish -- and Hula Hoops to play with.

Researchers work with a rescued dolphin in Gulfport, Mississippi.