To signify we were both "giving her away," my wife and I walked our daughter, Claire, down the aisle to take her vows. Claire said that marrying Roy was the easiest thing she has ever done -- he has been in her dreams for years. Not so for me. So, when she turned to kiss me goodbye, I held her for an extra moment. She turned to me and whispered: "I have to go now." Claire meant I was holding up the service, but I knew differently. It was the best moment of the day.

Jay Grusin

Falls Church

At dinner with friends after taking our son to college for the first time, I asked Judy if she and her husband found dropping their son off at college that afternoon as emotional as it was for us and our son. She said, "Well, I believe you prepare your child for the flight of life; take him out to the end of the branch, and push him off." She then broke into tears right there in the restaurant. My wife looked at me as though I didn't have a clue. I decided it was time to try the onion rings.

Jim Cantwell


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