"Golf is a game for gentlemen. It's not for your kind." . . .

* "The Greatest Game Ever Played" is not the greatest movie ever made, but it provides a few hours of thrills and even a few chills. Imagine: You will really care about the outcome of a 1913 golf tournament! Excellent acting by Shia LaBeouf as golfing hero Francis Ouimet and Josh Flitter as his young caddie.

* The first three "Wallace and Gromit" adventures are now on DVD. In addition to the brilliant and hilarious films, there are 10 new shorts highlighting Wallace's ill-conceived inventions and a look at how they turned clay figures into lovable movie stars. Also on DVD: the occasionally funny "Robots."

* Saturday begins a new season for Discovery Kids on NBC. "Flight 29 Down" (12:30 p.m. on WRC-Channel 4) has a "Lost"-like premise: a group of kids struggling to survive and get along after a crash landing in the Pacific. In the second season of "Endurance" (1 p.m.), 20 kids compete in tests of skill, speed, strength and smarts. Contestants include Frederick's Callie Simpkins, at right.

* New games: NBA 2K6 and Frogger: Ancient Shadow; Pokemon XD: Gale of Darkness on GameCube; Dance Dance Revolution: Extreme 2 on PS2.

-- Scott Moore

Above par: Shia LaBeouf, Josh Flitter in "The Greatest Game Ever Played."