Hurricane Rita, coming so soon after Hurricane Katrina, worried the entire country. But it was especially scary for Amber and Gage Grush, who fled their home near New Orleans, Louisiana, last month to be safe from one of the deadliest hurricanes in years.

"I was crying the day I heard about Rita," said Amber, 11, who is now living in Columbia. "I thought, surely it's going to hit New Orleans again."

KidsPost wrote about Amber and her brother Gage, 10, after they arrived in Maryland, where they are staying with their aunt, uncle and cousins.

Amber said she's "really relieved" that Rita was a less powerful storm than Katrina. But she still had a hard time thinking about another storm hitting her home state. After being "glued to the TV" during Katrina, Amber said she watched much less news coverage of Rita: "I didn't need any more heartbreaks," she said in a telephone interview over the weekend.

Amber was especially worried that Rita might destroy the house where she and Gage had lived with their dad, 20 miles from New Orleans. "There's a levee there, about three blocks from the house, and I thought, 'What if it breaks?' " (Katrina badly damaged their house, but Rita didn't do any more damage.)

Amber and Gage have been enjoying life with their Maryland relatives and new friends, but they are still learning about Katrina's destruction. "The house where my mom lived . . . is just splinters," Amber said.

-- Fern Shen

After fleeing Louisiana, Amber Grush said she "didn't need any more heartbreaks."