Doctors Don't Approve

Dog's Cutting-Edge Diet

* What's the weirdest thing your dog has ever eaten?

A shoe? A pan of brownies or piece of pizza? Your homework?

Well, your dog has nothing on Elsie, a 6-month-old St. Bernard puppy that swallowed a 13-inch knife last week.

Elsie's owner noticed that the pup seemed depressed and took her to a vet in Florida. X-rays showed the sharp knife lodged between Elsie's esophagus (the pipe that food goes down when you swallow) and stomach. The pup apparently swallowed the knife, handle first, after it was left on a countertop.

Veterinarian Jon-Paul Carew removed the knife during a two-hour operation. Elsie is back home with her family, which is doing a better job of watching what the pup eats.

Just Take the Day Off

* Kids in Atlanta, Georgia, got two snow days this week -- and it's 70 degrees outside!

The state's governor, Sonny Perdue, asked schools to close yesterday and today to save 250,000 gallons of fuel used by the buses.

Perdue made the request after the pipeline from which the state gets most of its fuel was shut down by Hurricane Rita.

Parents grumbled about trying to find child care, but there were no reports of kids objecting.

Jon-Paul Carew operated on Elsie after the dog swallowed a 13-inch knife.