Lords of Dogtown

PG-13, 105 minutes, Columbia TriStar, Contains sexual material, drug use, obscenity, brief violence and reckless skateboarding.

Written by former skateboarder Stacy Peralta and directed by Catherine Hardwicke of "Thirteen" fame, this fictionalized account of skateboarding's rise in mid-1970s Venice, Calif., is rude, aggressive and disrespectful of authority. In other words, it's true to its subject matter. But hey, so was the superior 2001 documentary (also by Peralta), "Dogtown and Z-Boys," with the added bonus that the earlier film didn't feel the need to beef up the already inspiring story of gonzo athletic innovation with melodrama.

* Extra: Also available in unrated extended cut.

-- Michael O'Sullivan

{sstar} Robots

PG, 91 minutes, 20th Century Fox. Contains slightly risque sexual humor and bathroom gags.

A young robot named Rodney (voice of Crawford Wilson and, later, Ewan McGregor) grows up to be a resourceful inventor with aspirations to put together new robots out of old parts. But in this ever-modernizing world, reconditioned robots are rapidly obsolete. Rodney's dream puts him at odds with the dastardly industrialist Phineas T. Ratchet (Greg Kinnear). "Robots" moves along at an entertaining, if increasingly familiar clip. It isn't superior to such computer-animated hits as "Shrek," but it's still visually inventive.

* Extra: Interactive games.

-- Desson Thomson