There's no greater blow to dignity than a broken heel.

If you're looking for one transcendental truth from "In Her Shoes," well, there's the fridge sticker. Curtis Hanson's movie about two sisters -- their relationship hobbled by childhood resentment, a stolen boyfriend and, yes, a collapsed ladies shoe -- may be one better than "chick lit," but it's about two worse than drama.

In the movie's pedestrian display of opposites, the older Rose (Toni Colette) has the law firm career, the money and the smarts but pitifully few men. Party girl Maggie (Cameron Diaz) lands the guys but always ends up drunk, penniless and miserable on Rose's sofa. When Maggie casually steals one of Rose's few prize catches -- her smooth-operator boss Jim (Richard Burgi) -- the sisterly tension becomes official breakup.

Gird now for both women branching off into their respective, self-discovery subplots. Maggie buses to Florida to confront (and cadge money from) their long-estranged grandmother Ella (Shirley MacLaine), who hasn't talked to them for years. Maggie discovers herself as a fashion consultant and, a closet dyslexic, learns to read. Rose quits her job, does a little dog walking and begins to realize former workmate Simon (Mark Feuerstein) may just be Mr. Right. When the sisters meet again, as cliche insists they must, it's not the glorious harmonic convergence of two sibling souls that have found themselves. It's just the end of 131 minutes.

-- Desson Thomson