Katie Cleans House

Another longtime member of Katie Holmes's posse bit the dust this week. The 26-year-old future Mrs. Tom Cruise fired her publicist Tuesday, Fox News reported yesterday.

The pregnant Holmes is bringing on Lee Anne DeVette, her baby's daddy's sister, a publicist and Scientologist (natch), as her new press rep.

Leslie Sloane-Zelnick told The Post that she was Holmes's mouthpiece for nine years and confirmed that the Scientology-studying starlet is now firmly entrenched in Cruise's PR camp. "It's not really anyone's business," she said. "We did part ways, but I understand and I'm happy for her."

The whirlwind courtship between Holmes and her 43-year-old beau began in April. Since then, the "Batman Begins" actress has fired her manager and changed agents. Holmes has distanced herself from her old pals as well.

Sloane-Zelnick can still console herself with a star-studded client roster that includes Britney Spears, Renee Zellweger, Lindsay Lohan and Freddie Prinze Jr. "She's a great girl," Sloane-Zelnick said of her former client. "I wish her the best."

You sure you want to lose this one, Katie?

What Floats Martha's Pumpkin

Martha Stewart will row a 600-pound decorated pumpkin across a Canadian lake tomorrow as part of the country's Thanksgiving Day celebration.

The 64-year-old lifestyle expert almost didn't get her chance to show off her pumpkin-paddling skills because of her recent jail stay for lying about a stock trade: Canadian authorities require special permission for convicted felons to enter the country.

On Wednesday, a disappointed Stewart announced on her TLC show "Martha" that she wasn't able to obtain a visa in time for the annual Pumpkin Regatta. But by Thursday, her spokeswoman said a permit had been granted for her visit. How's that for power?

The charity race features politicians, local celebrities and others who will paddle across Windsor's Lake Pesaquid. According to pumpkin farmer and race organizer Howard Dill, the winner usually makes it across the lake in 10 minutes, though some don't even finish.

Look for Martha to have her gourd game face on tomorrow.

He Missed His Right-Hand Man

Woody's back! Ventriloquist Willie Brown has located his lost puppet, Woody. As we reported on Aug. 26, it was lost on an Aug. 16 United flight from Dulles to Los Angeles.

"I was so relieved," said Brown. The comedian had borrowed a puppet to use in Woody's absence but said the new dummy "just wasn't the same."

Brown did a wave of media interviews to spread the word about his puppet of nearly 15 years and even hired an attorney. The lawyer wrote a letter to the airline and a day later, Woody turned up at Los Angeles International Airport after being MIA for 13 days.

"Some of the employees alluded that he was still at Washington Dulles," the comedian said. "I couldn't believe it."

With his puppet back, the comedian says "good things" are on the horizon. "Woody and I have a relationship," he said. "I don't know what I'd do without him."

End Note

* Singer Boy George was arrested yesterday on suspicion of possessing drugs and making a false police report after he called authorities at 3:14 a.m. and said his home in New York had been robbed. Police said they found a small amount of cocaine near his computer.

-- Compiled by Korin Miller

from staff and wire reports

Katie Holmes, with boyfriend Tom Cruise, has shed another member of her old posse.Ventriloquist Willie Brown and sidekick Woody have been reunited.