Pakistan, India Dig Out After Deadly Earthquake

* Rescue workers continued to dig through collapsed buildings yesterday, looking for survivors of Saturday's earthquake along the border of India and Pakistan.

There have been stories of survival: Two girls, a man and a mother and daughter were rescued alive yesterday after days under concrete, wood and glass. But much of the story in South Asia is one of death and destruction.

At least 20,000 people -- most of them in Pakistan -- died when the 7.6-magnitude earthquake hit. More than 2.5 million people, many of them children, had their houses destroyed.

The quake, the worst in Pakistan's history, also injured millions of people and left even more without power, clean water or places to live.

Pakistan is getting help from all over the world, including eight American helicopters that were sent from nearby Afghanistan. The United States -- still coping with the natural disasters of hurricanes Katrina and Rita -- has said it will send $50 million to Pakistan to help the country rebuild.

Mount Everest:

It's Really Tall

* How tall is Mount Everest? It depends on whom you ask.

A team of Chinese climbers believe they have the most exact measurement yet of the world's tallest mountain: 29,017 feet. That's shorter than the 29,035 feet measured in 1999, and the 29,028 feet measured by the Indian authorities in 1954.

Mount Everest is part of the Himalayas, between China and Nepal.

A Kashmiri family outside their destroyed house in Karnah.Mount Everest is now thought to be 29,017 feet.