"Nothing happens unless first a dream." -- Carl Sandburg

* I hate movies about girls and their horses. But "Dreamer: Based on a True Story" galloped into my heart anyway. The PG-rated crowd-pleaser, with nice performances by Kurt Russell (below right) and Dakota Fanning, opens Friday. (Read more about cute and talented Dakota on Thursday in KidsPost.)

* Who would have thought that a movie about kids' ballroom dancing would be a hit? But "Mad Hot Ballroom," on DVD this week, is a compelling and often funny documentary about New York fourth- and fifth-graders preparing for a competition -- and the rest of their lives.

* Also on DVD: A two-disc "Fern Gully . . . The Last Rainforest," with Robin Williams in a batty role, and episodes of Cartoon Network's "Pet Alien."

* I know, you don't want a lecture outside school. But Tuesday's one-hour episode of "NOVA scienceNOW" (8 p.m. on PBS) is fascinating. Most interesting: features on surgery for pet fish and a frog that freezes (and unfreezes) itself.

* New video games: Crash Tag Team Racing, SpongeBob SquarePants: Lights, Camera, PANTS! and movie tie-in Disney's Chicken Little.

-- Scott Moore

"Mad Hot Ballroom" is in step with fourth- and fifth-graders.