Okay, Who Asked the Dog To Play Dead?

* One minute Skeeter would be chasing a squirrel, the next minute the little poodle would fall asleep. Or he'd be playing tag and suddenly be out cold.

Scooter's vet says the dog has narcolepsy (NAR-kuh-lep-see), a sleeping disorder hardly ever seen in dogs. The 11-pound pooch is taking some medicine that hopefully will have him back to normal soon.

"He has no personality right now," said Scooter's owner, Shari Henderson, of Chubbuck, Idaho. "It is scary. I don't want him turning into a couch potato."

The Latest Buzz

* Attention all wasps: Uncle Sam Wants You!

A device that uses trained wasps to detect chemical odors could one day replace sniffer dogs at airports, disaster sites and other places.

The cup-size Wasp Hound would sound or flash an alarm when the wasps inside it reacted to certain odors, according to the American Chemical Society.

Researchers say it could be used to detect illegal explosives and drugs, human and plant diseases, and even bodies.

Give Me Your Blood

* As if spiders weren't creepy enough -- did you know that some of them prefer to feast on blood?

There are at least 5,000 types of jumping spiders. They don't build webs. Instead, they hunt like cats, stalking their prey before pouncing.

Some of these spiders live by eating blood-filled mosquitoes, according to Science News for Kids.

Rats, He Got Away

* A clever rodent named Razza eluded capture for 18 weeks in a test to see why it's so hard to get rid of vermin.

Razza was set loose on a deserted island in New Zealand. Scientists then tried to nab him. They set traps. They put out poisoned bait. They sent in sniffer dogs (but no wasps). Nothing worked.

Despite being weighed down with a tiny radio-transmitter collar, Razza swam 400 yards to a second deserted island (likely setting a rat swim record in the process), where he roamed for two months before being caught. In the end, it seems Razza couldn't resist a trap baited with penguin meat.

Skeeter has a sleep disorder.Some jumping spiders prefer blood.Razza the rat was free for 18 weeks.