Gorby Gets His Grammy

And the Grammy goes to . . . former Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev, who last night was scheduled to finally receive the Grammy Award he won last year for best spoken word album for children after lending his voice to the Russian folk tale "Peter and the Wolf."

Gorbachev's more-than-a-little-late award was to be presented at the 20th anniversary of perestroika symposium and dinner at Washington's U.S. Chamber of Commerce, which fellow Grammy winner Bill Clinton was expected to attend, along with former secretary of state Colin Powell and media mogul Ted Turner.

According to press rep Brian Reid, Gorbachev, 74, "made a comment" to Clinton on the phone a month ago about how he had never received his megaphone-shaped prize. Oops! To make amends, National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences President Neil Portnow flew to Washington to personally do the honors.

Better late than never, right, Mikhail?

Hungary Hands

Hungarian Ambassador Andras Simonyi showed off his guitar skills to a crowd of 200 at Madam's Organ blues bar Thursday night.

Simonyi played alongside blues legend Bobby Parker and New Orleans musician Marva Wright at a benefit concert to raise money for Wright, who lost her home to Hurricane Katrina. "He's actually great," Madam's Organ owner Bill Duggan said of Simonyi's musical talent.

The ambassador's spokesman, Andras Bacsi-Nagy, said Simonyi has been a guitarist since he was a child and plays a smattering of concerts with his blues band, Coalition of the Willing, which includes "former diplomats and government officials." Odds are he won't whip out his electric guitar at the next embassy dinner, but Simonyi has performed at local music venues a few times this past year. Who knows where he'll turn up next?

Double Trouble?

Jennifer Aniston has one heck of a body double. A photograph in the Oct. 31 issue of People magazine reveals Aniston's rumored love interest and co-star in "The Break Up," Vince Vaughn, with his arm around what appears to be the 36-year-old actress. Or is it?

It's actually Aniston's double. Huh? According to a magazine representative, the presses were stopped Wednesday to change the caption to say: "Vaughn (on 'The Break Up's' set with Aniston's double) 'had great chemistry' with Jennifer, says co-star Jon Favreau."

The rep insisted that People editors weren't fooled by Aniston's double and said "it was a captioning error." Okaaay. But our question is: Why would they have a huge photo of her body double?

End Notes

* CNN's Wolf Blitzer is scheduled to guest-conduct for the Boston Pops/New York Voices show tonight at George Washington University.

* U2's frontman Bono was spotted lunching with seven others in a private room at Georgetown's Cafe Milano yesterday. According to a witness, the 45-year-old singer rolled up to the restaurant, rock star-style, in a limo and wearing a leather coat, "casual pants" and tinted glasses (natch). Bono and his entourage dined on pasta and risotto.

* Filming for the fifth season of NBC's "The Apprentice" took place on a yacht in Southwest Washington yesterday. Show reps are hush-hush, but an insider says Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) was involved.

-- Compiled by Korin Miller

from staff reports

Vince Vaughn with Jennifer Aniston's movie stand-in.