It took two months until we were able to move into our new house. Seven months to find a church we love. One year to make girlfriends close enough to put on the preschool emergency pickup form. Two years to actually get to know people in the community. Three years to get both kids in the same school. I'll have two months to pack it all up and leave. My husbands' orders arrived; we'll be in Newport by November.

Jean Schulman

Chesapeake Beach

For 17 years we have slept sideways in our too-short bed, my too-long husband's body dividing it into two triangles: one large and one small. He's in Afghanistan now and I sleep in our too-big bed alone, in my small triangle. Sometimes, on lonely Sunday mornings, I wake to find our three young daughters in bed next to me, their bodies forming a perfect, large triangle.

Eileen Gorman


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